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Tips to lengthen your devices’ battery life

Published on Oct 18, 2014

This article has been archived.

Warning: This article has outdated, opinion-based information that is no longer accurate. Unless this article is further updated, read with caution.

Most of our devices have shorten battery life, therefore the following are some tips to lengthen the battery life……

As some of you may know, most devices today are using lithum-ion battery. However,  we may have overlooked on how we charge/use our devices. Lets take a look at what we should do.

  • Discharge your device (make your battery “die”) and recharge it to 100% ONLY once a month. (For  improving accuracy on estimating battery percentage.)
  • Charge your device at anytime you can.
  • If you are not using your device for more than a month, make sure your device is around 50%, then turn your device completely off.

Now lets take a look at how we can extend the battery life…

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi connection while you are not using it.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth if you never/rarely use it.
  3. Turn off GPS when it is not necessary.
  4. Turn off 3G/4G/LTE if you don’t need it as it consumes lots of power in low or no coverage areas.
  5. Turn on airplane mode is one faster way; compared to turning off Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + GPS + 3G/4G/LTE one at a time
  6. Adjust your screen brightness as low as possible (not until you can’t see the screen). For most tablets and phones, you can turn on auto-brightness.
  7. Windows: Switch your power plan into power saver.
  8. Reduce the use of apps or games that consume lots of power.

So just follow these tips above and your devices will have a longer battery life.