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Smart Robotic Cleaner

Published on Jun 17, 2017

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Hey there! Here’s a cool robot I’ve just developed.

Smart Rero Cleaner is the most intelligent cleaning robot ever! With just two taps1, you are able to fully clean a room in no time, no work needed! And no, this is not some kind of joke robot that bangs everywhere mindlessly, it can actually “see” and remember how your room looks like! Because of that, it even knows exactly where it is in your house at any given time, and never misses a spot to clean! And it even returns to its original location after cleaning! Cool, eh?

Please like & share to support this project (using either social media platforms, clicking on the like & share button on respective videos), thanks! (psst, its for a competition)

Wanna create your own? Easy! Get a rero robotics set at http://rero.io, then build and program your own intelligent rero robot!

Two Taps = press ON/OFF button, then press CLEAN button

Additional Info:

  • This rero robot is programmed with the C programming language.
  • After moving around & cleaning the perimeter of a room, it saves the layout of the room and cleans systematically while avoiding obstacles.
  • The rotatable stereo-sensors create a visual map of its location at startup, therefore it can easily trace its location back to its starting point.

rero: reconfigurable robot (http://rero.io)