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How to hide apps on an iOS 7/8/9 device without jailbreaking

Published on Mar 30, 2015
Last updated on Nov 23, 2015

This article has been archived.

Here’s how to hide apps on a iOS 8 device without jailbreaking.

Everyone knows that hiding apps aren’t available on iOS, but a bug/glitch could help you hide any apps on your device.

Before you start, make sure you have a page filled with apps and a folder on the dock. After that, you can start choosing the apps you want to hide. Transfer all of them into the only folder on the dock.

This is a little tricker, so read carefully. Drag one of the apps out and hold it above one of the apps on the page. Now, a new folder is created. DO NOT let the app go. Drag it back out and to the dock. Release it. The app should disappear. Repeat this for all the other apps you chose to hide and your done!

If you can’t understand the instructions, you can watch the demonstration video above instead. Hidden apps is still accesible through searching in Spotlight. If you want to unhide hidden apps, just restart your device.

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