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A student yet an app developer

Published on Nov 29, 2017

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I’m gonna bang,
with a pen.
On numerous tables,
full of scribbles.

My app is nicked,
so users panicked.
Now email’s full of spam,
and I’m like, “Damn!”

I rushed to fix,
As time ticks.
But I have no time,
Not that I have no dime…

Classes are compulsory,
CCA’s mandatory.
If everything’s compulsory,
Where’s my liberty?

Luckily assignments’ spammed,
else I’d be damned,
as I’d have homework,
and no time for work.

As the bug’s ambushed,
an update’s pushed.
While I anxiously expect,
Apple to inspect.

Two days in tension,
App passed inspection.
I can now relax happily,
as life goes on merrily.

This poem was written when a serious issue occured in Personal Diary version 2.4.2, which was fixed in version 2.4.3, ‘cause I got lots of concerned users sending me valuable feedback via emails which I became stressed upon.